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Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor - The Optical O2-Sensor


First optical oxygen sensor with SCS interface! (Simulation Clark-Sensor) Perfect integration into running systems. The ideal substitute for your existing oxygen sensors.


    Your advantages

  • no additional transmitters needed
  • singular calibration
  • robust sensor cap
  • stable values at once, little drift
  • quick reaction time
  • independent from incoming flow
  • best price-performance ratio
  • minimal operating costs
  • auto malfunction diagnosis
  • no sensitivity towards H2S or CO2
ODOS Sauerstoffsensor


    Application areas

  • aquaculture
  • lake und river monitoring
  • fish farming (fresh and seawater)
  • water treatment (control of the O2-loading in activated sludge tank)
  • service and industrial water
  • research (can be connected directly to a PC via an optional USB converter, no further devices needed)


    Four connection options

  • iks AquaStar Industrial
  • RS485 Modbus RTU-interface
  • 4 - 20mA current output
  • SCS Simulation Clark-Sensor (galvanic isolation)


    Easiest maintenance

    • Only one wear-part - the robust and simply exchangeable sensor cap with 24 month of warranty.
    • Comfortable calibration, e. g. in the laboratory, as the calibration data can be stored in the sensor.
    • Pre-calibrated, at once from factory usable sensors minimize maintenance time as well as costs.

Model range

The sensor can be delivered with an IP68 termination plug or with a fixed cable in different lengths. For mounting in a probe holder the sensor can be delivered optionally with a 1" process connector. For fish farming there is a robust version with a biting-protection with nut inserts available for water depth up to 20 m.


Via SCS interface downward compatible to classic oxygen sensors, works together with classic transmitters (e. g. iks, Yokogawa, Emerson, Knick, Mettler and others).

ODOS can be connected with iks AquarStar Industrial or directly with an SPS or a process control system via the 4 to 20 mA- or Modbus RTU interface.

Technical data

Measuring range 0 - 20 mg/l
0 - 200 % Sat
Accuracy (at 25° C) +/- 1 %
Quantification limit 0,1 %
Reaction time (t90) < 60 s
Pressure max. 2 bar
Temperature range -5 to 50° C
Temperature compensation automatic
auto malfunction diagnosis in case of sensor cap malfunction
Probe diameter 20 mm
Process connection optionally with1" thread
Material PVC


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