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iks aquastar industrial is a state-of-the-art modular measurement and control system. When it comes to automatically controlling and adjusting critical water parameters, it leaves nothing to be desired. Due to its flexible modular concept, the system is the perfect solution for most applications in aquatic environments.

Apart from comprehensive timing functions, it provides measuring modules for the parameters of pH value, redox potential, temperature, conductivity, level (fill level), oxygen and air pressure. Additional modules are planned.

Up to eight modules can be linked to the system in any requested combination. This allows, for instance, simultaneous pH value-measurement and adjustment in eight different pools ­ which is so far unique. And the system's success speaks for itself: ever since 1995, more than 9000 iks aquastar systems have been deployed all over the world!

We’ve got more to offer than just ready-developed systems. We also have an always sympathetic ear for your special needs and individual demands. We are pleased to advice you systematically and subsequently design your customized solution. And frequently we can provide for software adjustments at most reasonable prices.