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Dosing pumps

Apart from our measurement and control systems, we offer a number of precision hose-dosing pumps for most various applications. We are also thoroughly experienced in this sector, and are pleased to provide you with competent advice on the best solution for your specific dosing requirements.


vario blue II

Universal dosing pump VARIO BLUE II is the perfect equipment for a wide range of applications. Making use of convenient timing systems (timer clocks, interval functions) – as provided by iks aquastar industrial – you will be able to meet nearly any kind of dosing requirement (dosage).











iks-dos vario

Universal dosing pump with non-wearing multiphase motor for a long service life. Accurate dosing of freely selectable amounts is made continuously, at defined times or within given time frames. This allows for meeting nearly all dosing requirements without the need of additional controls. The pump provides one connector for 5the flow controller and one for the low-level indicator.












vario 4 pro

The opportunity to directly connect this dosing unit to the iks aquastar industrial control makes it a convenient and budget-friendly multi-channel dosing system. This pump was designed specifically for small dosages and is not intended for continuous operation. The smallest dosage amounts to approx. 0.6 ml – which corresponds to a dosing time of one second. This system cannot be operated independently without separate control (iks aquastar industrial).